X-CLARITY™ Systems II& Reagents for Tissue Clearing LGBED1001 (Upgraded Model Of LGBED0001)

X-CLARITY™ Systems II& Reagents for Tissue Clearing LGBED1001 (Upgraded Model Of LGBED0001)
X-CLARITY™ Systems II& Reagents for Tissue Clearing LGBED1001 (Upgraded Model Of LGBED0001)
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CLARITY: Clear Lipid-exchanged Anatomically Rigid Imaging/immunostaining-compatible Tissue Hydrogel

X-CLARITY, an improved Electrophoretic tissue clearing procedure that can speed up the tissue process considerably. 


"See-Through Brain" --- as the originally published article in the Journal Nature in May 2013: The CLARITY method was developed at Stanford University. This cutting-edge tissue processing technology has the potential to revolutionize 3D tissue imaging and more by MAKING OPAQUE TISSUE TRANSPARENT!  Originally developed for 3-D imaging in brain, the CLARITY method also may be applied to other solid organs for use in 3-D imaging applications.

Here is a video demonstration of improved CLARITY procedure:










First published by researchers at Stanford University in 2013 (Chung et al, Nature 497:332-337), the CLARITY method infuses the brain with a hydrogel monomer.  The polymerized hydrogel provides an infrastructure to support the form and structure of the brain. The whole brain or other organ is then clarified via electrophoresis, removing the cellular lipids.  This innovative process yields a transparent tissue and allows unparalleled 3D imaging of complex cellular networks and provides an alternative to sectioning for high-res tissue imaging.



CLARITY Procedure Diagram

X-CLARITY Electric Tissue Clearing (ETC) System


The X-CLARITY is the first commercial turn-key system that is optimized to perform the groundbreaking CLARITY method and will greatly simplify the CLARITY tissue clearing for your lab.  Many researchers have been unsuccessful in replicating the CLARITY method due to its complex, do-it-yourself procedure.  The X-CLARITY ETC eliminates the need to build your own device and has a simple to perform work flow and high rate of success for end users.  X-CLARITY incorporated many improvements to the original ETC process.  

Key system features:

  • Timed polarity switching electrophoresis (Patent pending);
  • Fully integrated temperature control with built-in temperature probe and buffer re-circulating pump;
  • ETC chamber with optimized buffer flow and plate electrodes;



System Components:

          - X-CLARITY ETC Chamber (1 ea)
          - X-CLARITY ETC Controller (1 ea)
          - X-CLARITY Pump (1 ea)
          - X-CLARITY Reservoir (1 ea)
          - Tssue Container (5 ea)
          - Tissue Container Holder (1 ea)
          - Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing Solution (12 X 1L)

Based on the original CLARITY technique and licensed from Stanford University, the X-CLARITY ETC System delivers a completely optimized process.  Instead of spending weeks to complete the procedure, the CLARITY ETC XL enables researchers to finish the process in days with high degree of success.  Logos BioSystem developed a patent pending technology that includes polarity switching electrophoresis, optimized buffer exchange and a temperature controlled ETC chamber.  Many beta-testers have achieved successful tissue clearing on their 1st try!

X-CLARITY Product Brochure

Contact us for more information. 

Instruction videos

X-CLARITY system introduction Set up guide: system components Set up guide: cable connections
Set up Guide: connecting ETC chamber Set up guide: Pump operation Set up guide: ETC chamber set up
Set up guide:ETC chamber set up 2 Set up guide: ETC control unit  


Accessories and Related Products

  Catalog No. Description Unit
Consumables LGBED0002 Tissue Container (10 containers) 1 box
LGBED0003 Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing Solution (1L per bottle) 12 X 1L
LGBED0004 X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (RI=1.46) 30 ml
LGBED0005 X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (RI=1.46), Value Pack 10 X 30 ml
Accessories LGBED0006 Tissue Container Holder (For mouse whole brain) 1 ea
LGBED0007 Mouse Brain Slice Holder (Thickness: 2 mm) 1 ea
LGBED0008 Mouse Brain Slice Holder (Thickness: 4 mm) 1 ea
LGBED0009 Mouse Brain Slice Holder (Thickness: 6 mm) 1 ea
Spare parts LGBED0010 X-CLARITY ETC Chamber 1 ea
LGBED0011 X-CLARITY ETC Controller 1 ea
LGBED0012 X-CLARITY Pump 1 ea
LGBED0013 X-CLARITY Reservoir (including fittings and temperature probes) 1 ea
LGBED0014 Multicable (For power/controller) 1 ea
LGBED0015 Snap-lock connector tube 1 ea
LGBED0016 Peristatic pump tube 1 ea

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Adjustment Range Current: OFF, 0.2A ~ 1.5A; Time Switching Interval: 10 sec. ~ 600 sec.
Temperature Control Range 35°C - 60°C
Dimensions ETC unit: W 176 mm x D 128 mm x H 154 mm; Internal Chamber: W 57 mm x D 30 mm x H 93 mm, 160 ml; Control Unit: W 180 mm x D 340 mm x H 200 mm;
Weight ETC unit: 2.6 kg; Control unit: 4.9 kg
Size Each

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