ACTOne™ cAMP Fluorimetric ELISA Assay Kit, ten 96-well plates (CB-80500-513) CDXA70004

ACTOne™ cAMP Fluorimetric ELISA Assay Kit, ten 96-well plates (CB-80500-513) Signal Transduction Codex Biosolutions, Inc. CDXA70004
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Adenosine 3’, 5’ cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) is an important second messenger in intracellular signal transduction. Monitoring cAMP levels is one of the most common ways to screen for agonists and antagonists of GPCRs. ACTOne™ cAMP Fluorimetric ELISA Assay Kit is based on the competition between HRP-labeled cAMP and free cAMP for a fixed number of cAMP antibody binding sites. In the absence of free cAMP, HRP-cAMP conjugate is bound to anti-cAMP antibody exclusively. In the presence of free cAMP, HRP-cAMP is displaced from the HRP-cAMP/anti-cAMP antibody complex.

ACTOne™ cAMP Florimetric ELISA Assay Kit provides the sensitive method for detecting cAMP level in biochemical or cell-based assay system. Compared to other ELISA cAMP assay kits, our kit eliminates the tedious acetylation step. The kit uses Amplite™ Red as a fluorimetric substrate to quantify the HRP activity. The assay can be performed in a convenient 96-well or 384- well microtiter-plate format and easily adapted to automation. The fluorescent product formed is proportional to the activity of HRPcAMP conjugate.

Kit Components  Amount 
Component A: cAMP Standard  1 vial (33 µg)
Component B: Assay Buffer  500 mL
Component C: HRP-cAMP Conjugate  1 vial 
Component D: 10X Wash Solution  2x100 mL
Component E: Cell Lysis Buffer  100 mL
Component F: 3% H2O2  50 µL
Component G: Amplite™ Red  1 vial
Component H: Anti-cAMP Ab Coated 96-Well Plate  10 plates
Component I: Substrate Buffer  2x100 mL

Note: Do not freeze Anti-cAMP Ab Pre-coated 96-well plate (Component H), store it at 4oC.

Datasheet  PDF

Emission Wavelength 540
Excitation Wavelength 590
Operating Temperature Range Room temperature
Applications GPCR/PDE assay
Shipping Condition Blue ice
Size 10 plates
Storage and shelf-life 4°C, 6 months

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