ACTOne™ Membrane Potential Dye Kit (10-plate) (CB-80500-201) CDXB40001

ACTOne™ Membrane Potential Dye Kit (10-plate) (CB-80500-201) Signal Transduction Codex Biosolutions, Inc. CDXB40001
ACTOne™ Membrane Potential Dye Kit (10-plate) (CB-80500-201) Signal Transduction Codex Biosolutions, Inc. CDXB40001
Supplier: Codex Biosolutions, Inc.
Product Code: CDXB40001
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cAMP is a key second messenger involved extensively in cellular signal transduction pathways associated with the majority of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The activation of these GPCRs by neurotransmitters, lipids, nucleotides, peptides and hormones results in the activation or the inhibition of plasma membrane-bound adenylate cyclase through heterotrimeric G-proteins. The ACTOne cAMP assay from Codex BioSolutions is the first in its class in providing real-time information on intracellular cAMP changes in a high-throughput format without a cell lysis step. The assay works with cell lines provided by Codex BioSolutions that contain a proprietary exogenous Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated (CNG) channel. The channel is activated by elevated intracellular levels of cAMP, resulting in ion flux (often detectable by calcium-responsive dyes) and cell membrane depolarization [which can be detected with a fluorescent membrane potential (MP) dye].

The Codex ACTOne membrane potential dye kit allows both end-point and kinetic measurement of intracellular cAMP changes with a FLIPR, or a fluorescence microplate reader. It is a simple homogenous assay involving only dye and compound addition steps, allowing easy implementation in a high-throughput environment.

Datasheet  PDF

Emission Wavelength 535
Excitation Wavelength 565
Operating Temperature Range Room temperature
Weight 1.3 oz
Applications GPCR/PDE screening
Shipping Condition Blue ice
Size 10 plates
Storage and shelf-life -20°C, 12 months

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