Celena™ S LED Filter Cube, Cy5 long pass (Ex620/60, Em665lp)

Celena™ S Digital Cell Imaging System, LED Filter Cubes, Cy5 long pass (Ex620/60, Em665lp)(LGBD50061) Cell Biology Logos Biosystems LGBD50061
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CELENA® S LED filter cubes are designed to provide high power illumination with excellent uniformity. In contrast to mercury and metal
halide arc lamps, LED is a semiconductor device that has an exceptionally long lifetime. The LED light source does not generate excessive
heat and allows for instant powering on and off. The variety allows for diverse and robust fluorescent cell imaging applications.
Meet the range of CELENA® S LED Filter Cubes!


  •     Choose from 12 LED filter cubes
  •     Adjust illumination intensity without ND filters
  •     Hard coated excitation and emission filters
  •     Up to 50,000 hours of illumination
  •     No warm up or cool down required
  •     Don’t see what you need? Contact us for customized configurations!



Ordering Information 

VitaScientific No. Manufacturer No. Description
Celena S Imaging System Packages
LGBD50001 CS20002 Celena S Imaging System (Starter Package)
1) Mechanical stage included
2) 4 objectives  3) 3 filter cubes
LGBD50002 CS20001 Celena S Imaging System Main Body (Only)
1) Mechanical stage included
2) No objectives 3) No filter cubes
LGBD50003 I10998 Celena S Imaging System Main Body (Only)
1) No mechanical stage
2) No objectives 3) No filter cubes
LGBD50110   Computer Media Pack: 24 Inch HD LED Display, Wireless mouse and 128 GB USB drive

Lens Selection (Selection Guide   )
Plan Achromatic Lens Set (Included in the Starter Package LGBD50001)
LGBD50010 I10001 TC PlanAchro 4x Ph (NA 0.13, WD 17.3)
LGBD50011 I10002 TC PlanAchro 10x Ph (NA 0.25, WD 7.6)
LGBD50012 I10003 TC PlanAchro 20x Ph (NA 0.4, WD 7.0)
LGBD50013 I10004 TC PlanAchro 40x Ph (NA 0.65, WD 2.8)
Plan Fluorite Lens Set
LGBD50020 I10005 TC PlanFluor 4x (NA 0.13, WD 17.5)
LGBD50021 I10006 TC PlanFluor 10x (NA 0.3, WD 7.5)
LGBD50022 I10007 TC PlanFluor 20x (NA 0.4, WD 7.5)
LGBD50023 I10008 TC PlanFluor 40x (NA 0.6, WD 2.9)
Plan Apochromatic Lens Set
LGBD50030 I10009 Plan Apochromat Fluor 10x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.3, WD 8.6)
LGBD50031 I10010 Plan Apochromat Fluor 20x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.65, WD 0.7)
LGBD50032 I10011 Plan Apochromat Fluor 40x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.8, WD 0.2)
LGBD50033 I10012 Plan Apochromat Fluor oil 100x (coverslip-corrected, NA 1.25, WD 0.19)
LED Filter Cubes (Selection Guide  )
LGBD50050 I10101 DAPI (Ex375/28, Em460/50)
LGBD50051 I10102 EGFP (Ex470/30, Em530/50)
LGBD50052 I10103 RFP (Ex530/40, Em605/55)
LGBD50053 I10104 mCherry (Ex300/25, Em645/75)
LGBD50054 I10105 ECFP (Ex436/20, Em480/40)
LGBD50055 I10106 EYFP (Ex500/20, Em535/30)
LGBD50056 I10107 DSRed (Ex530/40, Em620/60)
LGBD50057 I10108 Cy5 (Ex620/60, Em700/75)
LGBD50030 I10109 Cy7 (Ex710/75, Em810/90)
LGBD50059 I10110 Cy3/TRITC longpass (Ex530/40, Em570lp)
LGBD50060 I10111 GFP long pass (Ex470/40, Em500lp)
LGBD50061 I10112 Cy5 long pass (Ex620/60, Em665lp)
LGBD50062 I10113 Custom filters
Vessel Holders and Accessories
LGBD50100 I10201 Universal holder
LGBD50101 I10202 25mm X 75 mm slide, two positions
LGBD50102 I10203 35mm petri dishes, four positions
LGBD50103 I10204 60mm petri dishes, two positions
LGBD50104 I10205 100 mm dish, one position
LGBD50105 I10206 25cm2 Nunc T-25 flasks, two positions
LGBD50106 I10207 75cm2 Nunc T-75 flask, one position
LGBD50107 I10208 25cm2 BD/Greiner T-25 flasks, two positions
LGBD50108 I10209 75cm2 BD/Greiner T-75 flask, one position
LGBD50109 I10210 Glass hemocytometer, one position
LGBD50109 I10301 Phase Alignment Telescope



Celena S Digital Imaging System Brochure  

Lens Selection Guide 

LED Filter Cube Selection Guide 


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