8-well Cell Cutlure Chamber Slide

Cell Culture Chamber Slides
Supplier: Nest Scientific USA Inc.
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This 8 Chamber Cell Culture Slide from from Nest Scientific allows scientists to grow cells directly on a microscope slide without need for further transfer. The microscope slide is is a standard size, 25 mm x 75 mm.

Disassembly of the slide is easy when it comes time view your cells under the microscope. Simply snap the locks on the side of the slide down and lift to remove the slide and chambers from the base; no need for a separate tool for disassembly. From there, the chambers themselves can be removed by hand and you're left with slide for microscope analysis. The inert hydrophobic green border printed on the slide allows for easy identification of cell culture area.

Each chamber slide is composed of a base made of polypropylene, the slide which is made of borosilicate glass, the white chambers which are made of polystyrene, and the lid which is made of polypropylene. The slides comes in packs of 6 slides/per tray and the tray can be used as an incubation rack in your CO2 incubator.

Chamber Volume 0.2 - 0.6 ml
Color White
Sterility Sterile
Surface 0.98 cm2 per chamber
Size 8 Chambers
Storage and shelf-life 3 Years

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