DBio Blue Sensitive X-Ray Film (FUJI), 14 x17 inch, 100 Sheets/Box DBOF30005

DBio Blue Sensitive X-Ray Film (FUJI), 14 x17 inch, 100 Sheets/Box Products DBio DBOF30005
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This package contains 100 sheets of 14x17 inch Blue Sensitive X-Ray Film.


  • High Sensitivity and Contrast
  • Compatible with Automatic or Manual Processors
  • Ultra clear, dual emulsion
  • Use with 14C, 35S, 32P, 33P and 125I
  • Optimized for chemiluminescence imaging
  • Suitable for Blotting and Autoradiography of gel sequencing and gel shift assay

Safelight Requirements

The use of a GBX-2 (or equivalent) safelight filter is recommended. The filter should be utilized in conjunction with a 15 watt frosted bulb and positioned at least four feet from the unloading/loading area, and processor feed-tray.


Unopened, unexposed film should be stored at temperatures at or below 70°F in a dry location - preferably between 30% and 50% relative humidity. The film should be protected from sources of ionizing radiation including x-ray scatter.


Blue Sensitive X-Ray Films are designed to be processed in automatic processors using “High Throughput”, Standard, or Extended cycles. When used in the standard 90 second cycle, a temperature of 95° F is recommended. The films can also be processed manually. These robust films perform well in all quality developers and fixers.


Films should be handled by the edges; avoiding creasing, buckling, and physical pressure. Avoid using hand lotions prior to handling films.

Dimensions 14 x 17 inches
Weight 6 lbs
Shipping Condition Ambient
Size 14x17inch
Storage and shelf-life Room Temperature

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