DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent - Various Sizes MTIC3005X

DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent - Various Sizes Cancer Research Molecular Transfer, Inc. MTIC3005X DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent - Various Sizes Cancer Research Molecular Transfer, Inc. MTIC3005X
DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent - Various Sizes Cancer Research Molecular Transfer, Inc. MTIC3005X
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A New Transfection Reagent  - Formulated Specifically for for neurons and neurostem cells.

From Expert Transfection Reagent Developer Molecular Transfer Inc.

A NEW Transfection Reagent developed by the lead members of the scientific team  that invented the Lipofectamine® and Lipofectamine® 2000.  DNA-In™ Neuro is formulated specifically for maximum DNA delivery into neurons, providing high transfection efficiency and expression levels with very low toxicity.   

Available in 4 sizes:

Product Part No. Size
MTIC3005X-73800 0.1 ml
MTIC3005X-73801 1.0 ml
MTIC3005X-73802 5 x 1.0 ml
MTIC3005X-73803 10 x 1.0 ml



Mature cultures of neurons and other neural cells are extremely valuable for in vitro neurotoxicity studies and screening for agents that can slow, stop, or even reverse the course of neurodegenerative diseases.

The transfection of nucleic acids into neurons is essential for studying many aspects of neurobiology. However, neurons are among the most difficult cell types to transfect. They are very sensitive to culture conditions, presenting a particular challenge with regards to efficiencies. In addition to yielding low efficiencies, currently available cationic lipid reagents are often toxic to the cells, compromising post-transfection experimental results. While some viral mediated gene delivery systems have been shown to produce high efficiencies, they are very labor intensive and inconvenient for most researchers, along with the inherent danger and risk of provoking an immune response in the cell and/or interfering with the host genome.
Developed by the co-inventors of the early Lipofectamine products, DNA-In™ Neuro was formulated from a novel chemistry for maximum transfection efficiency in neurons. In side-by-side assays with Lipofectamine 2000 significantly higher transfection efficiencies are consistently observed when DNA-In™ Neuro is used to transfect primary cortical, hippocampal or forebrain neurons. Moreover, with low cytotoxic effect DNA-In™ Neuro supports neuronal survival and neurite extension post-transfection.


  • Higher Transfection Efficiency - Two-fold or greater improvement in efficiency over competing transfection reagents
  • Exceptionally Low Toxicity - Maximum post-transfection neuron viability critical for performing assays on healthy, uncompromised transfected neurons.
  • Highly Robust Performance – Produces consistent and reproducible results.
  • Quick and Easy-to-Use – An easy to follow, single-tube reagent protocol for great results on the very first try.



DNA-In™ Neuro is a new transfection reagent that consistently produces high transfection efficiencies in neurons, typically achieving a 2-fold or better improvement in efficiency over the competing reagents currently available, including Lipofectamine® 2000 and NeuroFECT™. Moreover, DNA-In™ Neuro enables neurons to be efficiently transfected with minimal toxicity to support healthy post-transfected neurons, critical for performing assays on uncompromised transfected cells. 


Figures 1 & 2. DNA-In Neuro Outperforms Leading Competitor Reagent– DNA-In™ Neuro was used to transfect plasmid DNA encoding GFP into 6-day cultured E18 Primary Rat Cortical Neurons. Transfections were performed in 24-well plates using 1.0-3.0µl of DNA-In™ Neuro Reagent. The above data show DNA-In™ Neuro significantly outperforms Lipofectamine® 2000 with near 3-fold improvement in transfection efficiency after 24 hours (Fig.1B). Duplicate wells were assayed 24-hrs and 48-hrs after transfection.


Figure 2. High GFP Expression in Primary Neurons – Primary rat cortical neurons were transfected with DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent and incubated overnight in complete culture media. The above images were taken 48-hours post-transfection and show uniform, high GFP expression in healthy cells.

DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent  "Quick-Start Protocol"

Product Documents

DNA-In™ is a Molecular Transfer, Inc trademark
Lipofectamine®, Opti-MEM® are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
NeuroFECT™ is a Genlantis trademark


Applications DNA plasmid transfection, FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY - Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses
Cell Types Formulated specifcally for neurons
Size Available in 4 sizes: 0.1 ml, 1.0 ml, 5x1.0 ml, 10x1.0 ml
Storage Instructions Store at 4°C, Do Not Freeze

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