Gyrozen 2236R, High-Speed Centrifuge without Rotor (22,000 rpm, 54,111 g), [GZ-2236R] GRZE32236

Gyrozen 2236R, High-Speed Centrifuge without Rotor (22,000 rpm, 54,111 g), [GZ-2236R] Products GYROZEN GRZE32236
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  • The 2236R, a large capacity, high-speed, floor-standing centrifuge designed for multi-user environment
  • Ideal for large volume harvesting in cellular and molecular biology works, clinical preparations, industrial applications, etc.
  • For up to 22,000 rpm (54,111 xg) with 6 x 50 ml tubes and 7,000 rpm (10,825 xg) with 6 x 1 L bottles
  • Instrument lock/unlock by password control and protocol management by user ID is ideal for core lab facility or multi-user environment
  • A large assortment of rotors, buckets and adaptors support diverse applications doable with one instrument.
  • Fast cooling function to 4℃ in 5 minutes for fast startup of cooled samples
  • The compressor-off function when lid is open minimizes unnecessary cooling and frosting.
  • With motorized lid mechanics, only a gentle touch is sufficient to close and open the lid.
  • Lid drop protection design allows easiness and safety when loading or unloading samples.
  • Intuitive control interface with numeric input buttons and graphic pictorgrams for easy setting and editing of running conditions.
  • Windows CE based 7" LCD Touch Screen with simultaneous display of all the parameters of set and actual values.
  • Selectable time mode of "at set SPEED" for counting running time only when reached the set speed
  • Up to 5 protocols per run can be combined for convenient operation of complicated experments.
  • The parameters of TIME, TEMP, ACC and DEC are allowed to be changed during operation.


Ideal for a wide range of experiments from simple precipitation and separation to filtering, concentration, precipitations, density gradient separation, etc.
Clinical, industrial, academic and scientific separation applications

Technical Specifications

Max. RPM / Fixed angle 22,000 rpm
Max. RPM / Swing-out 54,111 xg
Max. RCF / Fixed angle 4,000 rpm
Max. RCF / Swing-out 3,134 xg
Max. capacity / Fixed angle 6 x 1,000 ml, 30 x 1.5/2.0 ml
Max. capacity / Swing-out 4 x 250 ml, 48 x 15 ml, 16 MTPs
Temp. range (℃) -20 to +40
FAST COOL button Yes
Time control Timed < 100 hr or continuous, Programming of combine Protocols
Time counting range Selectable, at set speed or from starting
RPM/RCF conversion Yes
Noise level (dependent on rotor) ≤ 56 dB
Acc/Dec 9/10 steps
Program memory 100
Parameters on display window Simultaneous display of all parameters of set and actual figures
Display 7' LCD Touch Screen
Rotor Identification Automation
Imbalance cut off Yes
Safety lid lock Yes
Lid drop protection Yes
Motorized door open and close Yes
Power supply (V/Hz) 220/50~60 (100V optional)
Power requirement (KVA) 4.0
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 824 x 634 x 1,049
Weight without rotor (Kg) 240
Cat. No. GZ-2236R

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