Gyrozen 406, Low-Speed General Centrifuge (4000rpm, 2075g), includes Angle Rotor, [GZ-0406] GRZE30406

Gyrozen 406, Low-Speed General Centrifuge (4000rpm, 2075g), includes Angle Rotor, [GZ-0406] Products GYROZEN GRZE30406
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  • Compact and robust small centrifuge 406 is ideal for routine low-speed centrifugation.
  • Commonly used in the fractionation of blood samples and simple precipitation of biological samples
  • Automatic lid release and vivid end alarm for easy retrieval of samples
  • Supplied with an angle rotor including 6 of aluminum sleeves for 15 ml tubes
  • CE MDD-certified version also available (inquire)


Routine separation of blood, urine or cells

Technical Specifications

Max. RPM/RCF 4,000/2,075 xg
Max. capacity 6 x 15 ㎖
Time control Timed < 100 min or continuous
RPM/RCF conversion Yes
Noise level (dB) ≤ 52
ACC/DEC (sec) ≤ 20 / ≤ 20
Program memory 10
Parameters on display window RPM(RCF), Min(Sec)
Imbalance cutout Yes
Safety lid lock Yes
Lid drop protection Yes
Automatic door release at completion Yes
Power supply (V/Hz) 220/50~60 (110V optional)
Power requirement (VA) 140
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 296 x 412 x 206
Weight without rotor (Kg) 17.5
CE mark Yes
Cat. No. GZ-406


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