Luna PhotonSlide, 1000 slides (2 Cases of 500 Slides Each), (L12007), for Luna-FL LGBD10008

Luna PhotonSlide, 1000 slides, 20 Boxes (L12007), for Luna-FL Cell Biology Logos Biosystems LGBD10008
Supplier: Logos Biosystems
Product Code: LGBD10008
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PhotonSlide™ is optimized for the fluorescence counting. PhotonSlide™ is made of special formulated material that has minimal fluorescence background.  With PhotonSlide, one can perform sensitive fluorescent cell based assay such as detecting low DNA containing cells such as yeast. It can also be used to perform GFP transfection assay as well.

Disposable cell counting slides are specially designed for used with Luna Cell Counters.  Each slide can be used for two cell counting samples. Logos Biosystems has developed innovative T-Bond™ technology (patent-pending) to manufacture the precision cell counting slides more efficiently. The unit price of slide is almost half of the other brands, saving significant consumable costs for heavy users.

Size 1000 slides

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