Luna-STEM Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter, Luna-Stem (L30001) LGBD10024

Luna-STEM Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter, Luna-Stem (L30001) Cell Biology Logos Biosystems LGBD10024
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The Luna-STEM™ is a dual fluorescence cell counter that measures cell number and viability. The most advanced fluorescence optics and analysis software enables the Luna-STEM™ to accurately count nucleated and non-nucleated cells such as stem cells and stromal vascular fraction (SVF), setting itself apart from other cell counters. 

The Luna-STEM™, integrated with dual fluorescence as well as bright field optics, is a quantum leap for automated cell counting and viability analysis. By using 2 staining dyes, AO (Acridine Orange) & PI (Propidium Iodide), it provides sensitive and accurate results for almost all cell types, especially for stem cells and SVF. 

With the Luna-STEM™, all nucleated and non-nucleated cells are counted and analyzed. For example, SVF which contains various nucleated cells (adipocytes, blood cells, and others) and non-nucleated cells (RBCs, microvascular elements, and others) can be separately analyzed, which is impossible for other cell counters.

Luna-STEM cell counter dual fluorescence opticsNucleated and non-nucleated cell counting


  • Advanced --- Dual fluorescence optics integrated in the brilliant design
  • Accurate --- Counts nucleated & non-nucleated cells separately - superior to conventional counters
  • Fast --- 30~60 sec after analyzing 3 images generated from bright, green, & red channels
  • Convenient --- Simple counting procedure and easy-to-use


Powerful on-board analysis

After cell counting is performed, the built-in software gives cell viability data immediately. For validation, live cells are tagged in green and dead cells are circled in red.

Cell size gating 

Counted cells can be gated based on the cell size information. Using the histogram that displays live and dead cell population, you can easily exclude or include the particles by simple dragging.

Image overlay

3 images captured from each channel (bright field, green, & red) can be merged directly on the screen. The brightness of each color can be adjusted independently for accurate monitoring. All images can be saved onto a USB drive.

Data report 

The analyzed data can be saved as a PDF report or a CSV file. Counting results, cell images, and histograms are generated into a single file which is saved into a USB drive.

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Cell Concentration Range 5x10^4 - 1x10^7 cells/ml (optimal range)
Cell Counting Time 30 - 60 sec. (depending on sample conditions)
Cell Size Range Detectable Range: 1-90 µm; Optimal Range: 5-60 µm
Emission Wavelength 525 +/- 25 nm, 600 nm (LP)
Excitation Light Source LED
Excitation Wavelength 470 +/- 20 nm
Imaging Sensor 5 MP
LCD Display 7 inch (800 x 480 pixels)
Sample Volume 10 µl
Dimensions 22 x 21 x 9 cm (8.6 x 8.3 x 3.5 inch)
Weight 1.8 kg (4 lb) without the external power adaptor
Size Each

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