Molecular Transfer, Inc.
Molecular Transfer, Inc.

Molecular Transfer, Inc (MTI) was established in the summer of 2003 by a small group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals, who were formerly at Invitrogen/ Life Technologies, with the vision of providing superior products in the area of transformation and transfection reagents.  MTI has been providing high quality and state of the art products to the research community through several OEM manufacturing relationships with large, well-known research product companies. In 2009, MTI expanded into the stem cell and neuronal cell areas through its acquisition of GlobalStem, Inc. 

       The founding scientific members of the MTI team have a history of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in the transfection and transformation arena. During their tenure with BRL / Gibco, Life Technologies/ Invitrogen, they led the development and pioneering commercialization of Lipofectin™,  Lipofectamine™ and Lipofectamine™2000 as well as other transfection products.   MTI has continued to develop pioneering products in the area of transfection through invention and licensing of enabling technologies. These inventions are combined to create  new cutting edge transfection reagents.

   The MTI scientist also helped led the development and pioneering commercialization of virtually all of the offerings in the famous DH5α™ and DH10B™ lines in collaboration with Doug Hanahan. The MTI scientist  helped established and patented the use of low temperature growth to make highly competent frozen cells while at BRL. MTI has continued these pioneering developments   and makes chemically competent cells (5 alpha and 10B) and electrocompetent cells (electro 10B) at the highest efficiency and quality transformation products . An innovative, ready-to-use and proprietary Electro 10B in cuvettes has also been commercialized (US Pat # 7,078,227, 8,105,818). 

  GlobalStem is providing neuronal cells and stem-cell products to the research market. These include optimized and qualified growth media, sera, feeder cells, supplements, growth factors, and assay kits, as well as transfection reagents

MTI has an active research program that utilizes expertise in transfection, as well as in stem cell research, to develop novel reagents that are used to deliver nucleic acids into stem cells and neuronal cells. Furthermore, new reagents in the area of gene silencing, mRNA delivery, and genome editing are being developed. MTI is an S-corporation majority owned by its employees.

Introducing DNA-InTM, a new generation of universal transfection reagent for primary and cultured cell lines

DNA-In is a new transfection reagent that has been tested in many popular cell lines and primary cells.  It provides a superior transfection efficiency to Lipofectamine and Lipofectamine 2000.  The tranfection procedure is also simplified so that it is easier to use and optimize.

Cells were transfected with a plasmid, containing EmeraldGFP behind an EF1α promoter, with either DNA-In™ or Lipofectamine®2000, at several different lipid:DNA ratios and examined ~44 hours post-transfection. Representative images of the best conditions for each transfection reagent are shown.

Product Selection Guide

DNA Delivery Reagents Product Name Applications
General Purpose Transfection Reagent DNA-In™ Passaged cell lines (e.g. NIH 3T3, HeLa, MCF7), primary cells
Cell Line and Cell Type Specific Transfection Reagents DNA-In™ A549 A549 Cells
DNA-In™ CHO CHO-K1 Cells
DNA-In™ 293 293 Cells
DNA-In™ HepG2 HepG2 Cells
DNA-In™ Neuro Primary and cultured neurons, neurostem cells
DNA-In™ Stem Stem cells
mRNA Delivery Reagents mRNA-In™  General purpose mRNA delivery
mRNA-In™ Neuro Neurons, neurostem cells
siRNA Delivery Reagents Coming soon, contact us about sample



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