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New Product: C-Chip Disposable Cytometers
VitaScientific 2017/09/06 0 comments 2289 viewed
We are pleased to announce the availability of C-Chip. C-Chip is a disposable, plastic hemocytometer that eliminates the need for washing or reusing glass hemocytometers.         &..
More Productivity, Less Worry With ELMI Benchtop Equipment
VitaScientific 2017/08/30 0 comments 1394 viewed
More Productivity, Less Worry With ELMI Benchtop Equipment                         &n..
New Product: BeadBug 6 Microtube Homogenizer
VitaScientific 2017/08/18 0 comments 1117 viewed
The BeadBug 6 utilizes a three dimensional shaking motion to disrupt samples. This motion, when combined with beads of the appropriate size and material, causes high velocity impacts with the sample a..
Special Offer: Save $1400 on the BeadBlaster 24
VitaScientific 2017/08/17 0 comments 918 viewed
The BeadBlaster 24 completely lyses, grinds and homogenizes a broad variety of biological samples. Even the most difficult and resistant samples are fully homogenized, often in 35 seconds or less. &nb..
How About A Shaker For Those Experiments?
VitaScientific 2017/08/17 0 comments 2695 viewed
Don't shake your head, shake your test tubes instead.                         &nb..
Achieve Your Optimal Mixing Regime
VitaScientific 2017/08/15 0 comments 1133 viewed
No matter your mixing needs, VitaScientific has a selection of unique and budget-friendly mixers and rotators that allow you to achieve the optimal motion.             &n..
Q3 Specials for Gyrozen Centrifuges
VitaScientific 2017/08/14 0 comments 947 viewed
Q3 special pricing for Gyrozen microcentrifuges including the industry leading 1730R refrigerated microcentrifuge.                     ..
New ultrafast method for determining antibiotic resistance
VitaScientific 2017/08/11 0 comments 1170 viewed
Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a new method for very rapidly determining whether infection-causing bacteria are resistant or susceptible to antibiotics.         &..
New Products: NEST Cell Cutlure Chamber Slides Introductory Offer
VitaScientific 2017/08/09 0 comments 1114 viewed
Introductory Offer: 10% off NEST Cell Culture Chamber Slides. NEST Cell Culture Chamber Slides allowscientists to grow cells directly on a microscope slide without need for further transfer.   &n..
New Products: Vader-Trap High Purity Plasmid Purification Kits
VitaScientific 2017/08/07 0 comments 1592 viewed
We are please to announce the arrival of new products: The Vader-Trap High Purity MiniSpin Plasmid Purification Kit is built upon proprietary technology. The Vader-TrapTM plasmid purification technolo..
The ELMI Skyline CM-7S & CM-7SA Table Top Swing Out Centrifuges
VitaScientific 2017/08/04 0 comments 773 viewed
Celebrate the Holidays with our 2015 year-end deals and special pricing for ELMI's Bear centrifuges including the industry leading Bear 400R refrigerated, mult-purpose bench top centrifuge.  ..
How to Use the LUNA Reusable Slide
VitaScientific 2017/08/03 0 comments 1423 viewed
The new LUNA Reusable Slide has been designed to work with the LUNA family of cell counters for cost-efficient and accurate cell counting.                  ..
N50 Touch Special NIH Offer
VitaScientific 2017/07/31 0 comments 1035 viewed
Take advantage of the Free, 3 Year Warranty on select Implen Nanopotometer models. Accurate using as little as 0.3 to 3 µl. The powerful NPOS operating system provides flexibility and mobility b..
New Products: Pre-stained and Pre-stained Plus Protein Ladders
VitaScientific 2017/07/26 0 comments 1633 viewed
We are please to announce the arrival of new products: Pre-Stained and Pre-Stained Plus Protein Ladders.                          ..
Automated Parfocality Correction with the CELENA S
VitaScientific 2017/07/17 0 comments 1100 viewed
The CELENA S Digital Imaging System from Logos Biosystems has a parfocality correction feature that automatically adjusts for the parfocal deviations that normally occur across different objectives. &..
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