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DNA-In Stem
VitaScientific 2015/06/04 0 comments 2566 viewed
The introduction of transgenes into stem cells has shown to be a valuable experiment technique for studying stem cell biology. Still, transfecting stem cells without inhibiting cell viability and cell..
3D Printing in Biological Research
VitaScientific 2015/06/03 0 comments 4389 viewed
  The origins of 3D printing date back to the mid-1980s, and consists of several different methods such as stereo lithography, extrusion or fused depositional modeling, laser sintering, inkjet..
DNA-In A549 Cell Specific Transfection Reagent
VitaScientific 2015/05/07 0 comments 3642 viewed
DNA-In A549, is a new cell-specific transfection reagent specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency DNA delivery with exceptionally low cytotoxicity in A549 cells. DNA-In A549 req..
Digital PCR
VitaScientific 2015/04/20 0 comments 2331 viewed
To help you decide if digital PCR is something that would be beneficial in your studies we provide a basic understanding of digital PCR, how it differs from standard quantitative PCR, and some applica..
VitaScientific 2015/03/04 0 comments 2860 viewed
A New Transfection Reagent  - Formulated Specifically for CHO-K1 cells From Expert Transfection Reagent Developer Molecular Transfer Inc. DNA-In™ "Cell-Specific&..
mRNA-In Transfection Reagent
VitaScientific 2015/02/13 0 comments 2829 viewed
mRNA-In Transfection Reagent was developed by members of the scientific team that invented Lipofectamine and specifically formulated for in vitro mRNA delivery. Maximum RNA delivery is achieved with m..
Turbonuclease vs Benzonase
VitaScientific 2015/02/11 0 comments 3072 viewed
TurboNuclease is an ultra-pure, recombinant form of Serratia marcescens extracellular endonuclease (encoded by the same gene as Benzonase) produced in E. coli using a proprietary process. This non-spe..
CLARITY: Making the Opaque, Transparent
VitaScientific 2015/02/09 0 comments 3660 viewed
    ‘Groundbreaking’, ‘Transformative’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Amazing’,  and ‘Unprecedented’ ar..
Transfection Reagent Selection Guide
VitaScientific 2014/11/17 0 comments 2147 viewed
Easily choose the approprate transfection reagent for the your cell type & appplicaton. First time customers may take advantage of our sample program to optain a 0.1ml vial of any DNA-In or mRNA-I..
Cell Counting Kit (CCK-8) Offer
VitaScientific 2014/11/10 0 comments 1220 viewed
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Cell Counting Kit (CCK-8)
VitaScientific 2014/11/10 0 comments 3686 viewed
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VitaScientific 2014/11/05 0 comments 1261 viewed
The new Luna-STEM Dual Fluorescence System is the only automated cell counter that will differentiate between live/dead and non-nucleated cells; providing greater accuracy to viability determinations ..
Mutant Specific Oncogenes
VitaScientific 2014/10/15 0 comments 776 viewed
Over the last several years, the use of mutant-specific monoclonal antibodies to detect activating and secondary mutations has increased. Most notably, monoclonal antibodies against BRAF V600E and E..
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