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5 Ways to Make Your Experiments More Reproducible
VitaScientific 2016/06/30 0 comments 7331 viewed
There is no one single solution to the reproducibility crisis. Instead, we need to be focusing on a combination of experimental design improvement and procedural development when undertaking our labor..
Increasing Biotechnological Advances in Veterinary Care
VitaScientific 2016/06/30 0 comments 4479 viewed
Veterinary medicine has largely, and very noticeably, been the second class citizen of the medical world, but in recent years we have seen some drastic changes. We've seen some significant improve..
107 Nobel Laureates Sign Letter Slamming Greenpeace Over GMOs
VitaScientific 2016/06/30 0 comments 1389 viewed
More than 100 of the world's leading scientists just took a major stand in the debate over genetically modified organisms (GMO), by penning an open letter to Greenpeace and others who actively cam..
Stabilizng HIV Structure and Using Nanoparticles in HIV Vaccine Design
VitaScientific 2016/06/29 0 comments 1488 viewed
In tandem papers, researchers from Scripps describe how the structure of HIV can be stabilized and using nanoparticles in HIV vaccine development.               &nbs..
Using CRISPR/Cas9 to Reverse HIV-1 Latency
VitaScientific 2016/06/28 0 comments 1408 viewed
German researchers demonstarte that CRISPR/Cas9-derived technologies can be applied to counteract HIV latency.                         ..
Stem Cell Therapy Sparking a Veterinary Biotech Boom
VitaScientific 2016/06/16 0 comments 1105 viewed
Rapid advances are occurring in advanced cellular therapies for veterinary care.                              ..
Optimizing Immunotherapy
VitaScientific 2016/06/15 0 comments 1353 viewed
Opening the door for more customized specificity in order to optimize T cell targeting and killing, Nortre Dame University researchers are developing a new immunotherapy.         &..
LUNA Reusable Slide & Coverslip Introductory Offer
VitaScientific 2016/06/14 0 comments 1842 viewed
10% Off LUNA Reusable Slide and Coverslips.                                    &..
Leveraging Geometry to Screen for Antibodies
VitaScientific 2016/06/13 0 comments 1669 viewed
A new way to detect antibodies in blood opens the door to developing simple diagnostic tests for diseases for which no microbial cause is known, including autoimmune diseases and cancer.    ..
Take Advantage of Our Q2 Specials
VitaScientific 2016/06/13 0 comments 3461 viewed
End of quarter specials on LUNA Automated Cell Counters and Reusable Slide, Benchmark small equipment, and Gyrozen centrifuges.                  ..
LUNA Reusable Slide & Coverslip Promotion
VitaScientific 2016/06/10 0 comments 2251 viewed
Receive 10% off the new LUNA Reusable Slide and Reusable Slide Coverslips.                              &..
Creating a Better Animal Model to Improve HIV Vaccine Development
VitaScientific 2016/06/09 0 comments 1461 viewed
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have figured out how to make a much-improved research tool that they hope will open the door to new and better HIV vaccine designs.      &n..
Living Fish Found Inside Jellyfish
VitaScientific 2016/06/08 0 comments 1376 viewed
Living fish found in jellyfish in bizarre underwater scene.                                 &nb..
Introducing the new ELMI Skyline CM-7S & CM-7SA Table Top Swing Out Centrifuges
VitaScientific 2016/06/07 0 comments 2933 viewed
Celebrate the Holidays with our 2015 year-end deals and special pricing for ELMI's Bear centrifuges including the industry leading Bear 400R refrigerated, mult-purpose bench top centrifuge.  ..
New Chemical 'Sponges' Designed to Soak Up Toxic Cancer-fighting Drugs After Targeting Tumors
VitaScientific 2016/06/07 0 comments 1161 viewed
UC Berkeley/Berkeley Lab researchers are developing new tools to capture chemotherapy drugs before they circulate throughout the body.                   &n..
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