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VitalSigns - Lab Tips & Tricks

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VitalSigns Newsletter: Dec 2015, Vol 8
VitaScientific 2015/12/07 0 comments 1483 viewed
How do we live to 200 years and enjoy the ride. Deciding between chemical transfection and electroporation? A look at the global whaling catch in the 20th century.        ..
How Do We Live to 200 and Enjoy the Ride?
VitaScientific 2015/12/06 0 comments 5844 viewed
There are many who believe that an age of 200 - or even older - is sensibly obtainable with the latest medical advancements. So how do we do it?                ..
Transfection vs Electroporation
VitaScientific 2015/12/06 0 comments 4901 viewed
Deciding between transfection or electroporation? We provide some food for thought to help you choose the approach that works best for your needs.               ..
New DNA-In CRISPR, Holiday Specials for Centrifuges, and More
VitaScientific 2015/12/04 0 comments 1395 viewed
Holiday Deals for centrifuges, antibodies, and more. || New DNA-In CRISPR for large DNA plasmid delivery || Mapping Global Antibiotic Resistance|| And More!       &n..
VitaScientific News and Promos: Buy One Get One Free for Select Benchmark Items
VitaScientific 2015/11/20 0 comments 1975 viewed
Buy one get one free for select Benchmark items || New ACTH ELISA Kits || Hearing loss with age. || And More!               &..
X-Clarity Mounting Solution: An alternative to FocusClear
VitaScientific 2015/11/18 0 comments 4977 viewed
Logos Biosystems recently realeased a water soluble mounting solution, X-Clarity mounting solution that compares favorably with FocusClear for us in Clarity-cleared tissues.       ..
VitaScientific News and Promos: Discounts on cryogenic vials and accessories
VitaScientific 2015/11/06 0 comments 1812 viewed
Discounts on cryogenic vials and accessories. VitalSigns is now posted. How to prevent your audience members from falling asleep. And more....          &nb..
VitalSigns Newsletter: Nov 2015, Vol 7
VitaScientific 2015/11/02 0 comments 1855 viewed
Cancer immunotherapies, just may be living up their hype. Tired of seeing your audience fall asleep during seminars? Top 10 Feel Good Songs determined scientifically.      &nb..
Tired of Seeing Members of Your Audience Nod Off?
VitaScientific 2015/11/02 0 comments 2930 viewed
Nothing can be more diheartening than looking into your audience and watching an advisor or other people you respect start to have the seminar sleepy head drop. We provide some simple and effective su..
VitaScientific News and Promos: Specials on 1.5 ml Centrifuge Tubes and More
VitaScientific 2015/10/16 0 comments 1667 viewed
Discounts on 1.5 ml tubes. New economic mounting solution and microCentrifuges. Infographic of most reported contaminated cell line species.           ..
VitaScientific News and Promos: Discounts on 50ml Centrifuge Tubes, Improve Your Electroporation Results, and more.
VitaScientific 2015/10/02 0 comments 1279 viewed
Discounts on 50ml Centrifuge Tubes. Learn about the new electroporation system and how to improve your electroporation results. Catch up on the latest issue of Vitalsigns; and news you may be able to ..
7 Keys to Better Electroporation
VitaScientific 2015/09/30 0 comments 1821 viewed
Have no fear! Below, we provide 7 key considerations that will allow you to establish, optimize, and routinely carry out electroporation protocols.         &nbs..
6 Ideas to Help Reduce Repeated Motions in the Lab
VitaScientific 2015/09/23 0 comments 1608 viewed
Reducing a few repeated motions in each of your daily tasks will add up day to day and over time to help decrease risk of injury steps and increase efficiency in you workflows.     ..
Increase mRNA Transfection Efficiencies and Lower Cytotoxicity
VitaScientific 2015/08/24 0 comments 1809 viewed
Are you tired of dealing with low transfection efficiencies in your cell lines?   If transient transfections are suitable for your needs, you may want to consider mRNA transfection. &nb..
I Can See Clearly Now...
VitaScientific 2015/08/20 0 comments 1563 viewed
  Here is a patently obvious statement:  Biology happens in 3-dimensions.   We are constantly reminded of this simple, yet defining factfrom the time we enter graduate training ..
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