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LUNA-FL Testimonials
VitaScientific 2016/07/22 0 comments 1602 viewed
Don't take our word it! See what some of your fellow researchers are saying about othe LUNA-FL Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter.            &nb..
NanoPhotometer Selection Guide
VitaScientific 2016/07/19 0 comments 2900 viewed
Select the best NanoPhotometer for your lab.                           &nbs..
How it Works: The NanoPhotometer
VitaScientific 2016/07/19 0 comments 2592 viewed
The maintenance-free mobility provided by the Implen NanoPhotometers creates opportunities for you to expand your research beyond the limits of your lab.             &nbs..
Circumventing HIV Drug Resistance
VitaScientific 2016/07/18 0 comments 1403 viewed
Study provides insights into workings of new HIV drugs and how virus becomes resistant.                   &nbs..
Because it is Friday...New Underwater Microscope
VitaScientific 2016/07/15 0 comments 1462 viewed
A new microscopic imaging system is revealing a never-before-seen view of the underwater world                               ..
Bacterial Powered 'Windfarms'
VitaScientific 2016/07/14 0 comments 1521 viewed
A team of scientists from Oxford University has shown how the natural movement of bacteria could be harnessed to assemble and power microscopic 'windfarms'.       ..
Structural Flaws in Brain Cell Nuclei Linked to Alzheimer's
VitaScientific 2016/07/13 0 comments 1513 viewed
Researchers have identified a new biological pathway involved in Alzheimer's disease.                   &n..
Time to Upgrade that ND1000
VitaScientific 2016/07/11 0 comments 1286 viewed
Need to upgrade that ND1000? Free Sample of Anti-ER Alpha monoclonal Antibody   ..
Confirmation of a Clinically Viable HIV Vaccine for Macaques
VitaScientific 2016/07/11 0 comments 1657 viewed
A breakthrough study of HIV in macaques confirms a clinically viable vaccine and paves the way for a future human treatment.             &nb..
Discriminating Between Viral and Bacterial Infections
VitaScientific 2016/07/07 0 comments 1378 viewed
Stanford researchers are working on a simple blood test that can accurately identify which patients need antibiotics.              &nbs..
Seeing RNA at the Nanoscale
VitaScientific 2016/07/06 0 comments 1471 viewed
New microscopy technique developed at MIT allows scientists to pinpoint RNA molecules in the brain.                 &nbs..
Improving Epigenetic Study Design
VitaScientific 2016/07/05 0 comments 1422 viewed
Criticism of studies linking epigenetic changes and disease is growing.                       &..
Zika Virus Detecion for Only $2
VitaScientific 2016/07/01 0 comments 1513 viewed
Engineers have developed a rapid, low-cost genetic test for Zika. The $2 device, about the size of a soda can, doesn’t require electricity or technical expertise and only needs a bit of saliva. ..
VitalSigns: July 2016, Vol 15
VitaScientific 2016/06/30 0 comments 1779 viewed
With increasing demand, veterinary care is improving greatly. Suggestions for making your own work reproducible. Underappreciated biological discoveries, and more.         &nb..
The 5 Most Underappreciated Discoveries in Biology
VitaScientific 2016/06/30 0 comments 3389 viewed
What are the most underappreciated, or even forgotten discoveries, when discussing impressive biological breakthroughs?                   &n..
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