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De-Extinction: Trying to Resurrect the Past
VitaScientific 2016/05/02 0 comments 8584 viewed
The concept of resurrecting the past - or de-extinction - is growing, and it's growing remarkably rapidly.                     &nbs..
New, Potentially Safer, Gene Editing Method Being Developed to Tackle Rare Disorders
VitaScientific 2016/05/02 0 comments 970 viewed
Utilizing a recently discovered class of AAV, the start-up company, Homology, hopes to be able treat rare, genetic disorders through homologous recombination rather potentially risker gene editing met..
Tiny Microscopes Reveal Hidden Role of Nervous System Cells
VitaScientific 2016/04/28 0 comments 1081 viewed
A microscope about the size of a penny is giving scientists a new window into the everyday activity of cells within the spinal cord. The innovative technology revealed that astrocytes—cells in t..
Retroviral DNA Needs Time To Find Its Home, But Insertion Happens In A Blink
VitaScientific 2016/04/27 0 comments 1068 viewed
Retroviruses such as HIV must insert their viral DNA into host-cell DNA. A new study reveals details about the viral DNA's search for an insertion point. The findings could help improve treatments..
The LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter: Special Offer
VitaScientific 2016/04/26 0 comments 2869 viewed
The LUNA-II™ automated cell counter is the most advanced cell counter on the market today with unmatched speed, accuracy, and reproducibility.               &n..
Genetic Treatments for Sickle-Cell
VitaScientific 2016/04/25 0 comments 1024 viewed
When it comes to a devastating blood disorder, sometimes two wrongs make a right.                              ..
Because It Is Friday...Card Deck Wizardry
VitaScientific 2016/04/22 0 comments 1343 viewed
Cardistry wizard Zach Mueller is back to show us his floating card routine, which may or may not be the product of ghosts.                    ..
Building a CRISPR rainbow
VitaScientific 2016/04/21 0 comments 1427 viewed
CRISPRainbow, a new technology using CRISPR/Cas9 developed by scientists at UMass Medical School, allows researchers to tag and track up to seven different genomic locations in live cells.   &nbs..
Q2 Budget Saving Deals from Benchmark Scientific
VitaScientific 2016/04/17 0 comments 1750 viewed
Budget Saving Items from Benchmark Scientific, Durable Screwcap Tubes, Deals on Small Equipment                           &nb..
New Budget Saving Products from Benchmark Scientific
VitaScientific 2016/04/15 0 comments 1694 viewed
In it's continuing goal to help reduce research costs, Benchmark Scientific has just released several new products that will stretch your research budget!            ..
Beacause It's Friday...What is Zero?
VitaScientific 2016/04/15 0 comments 1386 viewed
Is zero really a number? How did it come about? Hannah Fry tells the story of how zero went from nothing to something.                       &nbs..
Punch - Counterpunch:  HIV Can Avoid CRISPR/Cas9 Editing
VitaScientific 2016/04/13 0 comments 1471 viewed
A few weeks ago we noted that by using CRISPR/Cas9 editing, researchers were able to remove HIV from stem cells. Unfortunately, a new study reveals that HIV is able to quickly adapt to this type of ge..
Bacterial Epigenetics More Complex Than Previously Thought
VitaScientific 2016/04/12 0 comments 1192 viewed
Using, single molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing researchers find that DNA methylation may play a far wider function in prokaryotic genome biology than was previously supposed.      ..
Resilience to Genetic Disease
VitaScientific 2016/04/11 0 comments 1379 viewed
Somewhere in the world there are at least 13 people whose DNA says they should be suffering from a disease, but they are not.                     &nbs..
Because It Is Friday...Kitchen Shears Making a Break For It
VitaScientific 2016/04/08 0 comments 1331 viewed
A fun, short film that imagines what it would look like if a pair of scissors decided to make a break for it...                         ..
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