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Why VitaScientific

We bring cost savings to both our customers and our vendors simply by keeping the distribution costs down.  We believe web-based product distribution is the way of the future.  As life science tool developers, vendors should not have to spend a lot of their time and energy to reach their customers and our customers should not have to pay more to the traditional distributors to access products. is the marketplace that brings both life science tool developers and tool users together. 

VitaScientific has the expert knowledge about the life science tool market and many years of eMarketing experience promoting life science products. This can be a great resource for both our customers and our vendors: our marketplace is built to host all innovative tool companies’ high quality products, along with informative content, so that our customers can find the right products for their needs.  Our direct marketing service can help our vendors reach their customer base. 

How it works:

VitaScientific Biz Services

VitaScientific Web Store: The Web Store is where a tool vendor's products and services can be highlighted to VitaScientific's customer base extending your marketing reach and visibility;

VitaScientific's Direct Marketing service for our vendors: Utilizing VitaScienfic‘s market intelligence database, a tool vendor can send targeted marketing communications to the right customer segment for its products or services. This will greatly enhance the market reach of any tools provider.

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