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  • Accelagen Inc.

    Accelagen is a fast growing Gene-to-Protein company providing superior quality services and products. The Accelagen team has demonstrated independent research capability in many projects and provided innovative solutions. They have established an unsurpassed track record of timely completion of projects over the years.

  • Ameritech Biomedicines, Inc.

    Ameritech Biomedicines is a high-tech biotechnology company headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA.

    As a research-based high-tech enterprise, Ameritech Biomedicines carries out close exchanges and cooperations with research and educational institutes. Focusing on molecular immunology and biology, cell biology, the company obsesses leading-edge technology and ideas, first-class experts and technical teams, and has developed a sequence of high-tech reagents used in scientific researches.

    Ameritech Biomedicines aims to produce high-tech,high-quality,low-price and high-end reagents used in the field of life sciences. The products include antibody, PCR, cloning and mutation, reverse transcription and real-time PCR, nucleic acid extraction and purification, embryonic stem cell culture, transfection reagents and growth factors, protein research reagents, fluorescence in situ hybridization and DNA markers, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and other products.

    Ameritech Biomedicines has been making sustaining efforts to introduce new technology and improve the scientific research level of genomics, proteomics, clinical diagnostics and other areas. Relying on extraordinary research capabilities and innovative technologies, we will continue to develop new products with powerful competitiveness, and promote life science research.

  • Benchmark Scientific

    Benchmark Scientific is an equipment supplier that specializes in developing laboratory equipment for life science labs.

    New from Benchmark Scientific:

    platefuge, benchtop PCR plate centrifuge

    PlateFugeTM, benchtop centrifuge for PCR and microplates

    • Quickly spins down PCR Strips/plates, microplates or even deep well plates
    • Patent pending rotor design prevents cross-contamination/spillage
    • Accepts all PCR plates (or microplates, PCR strip tubes with optional adaptor, deep well plates with optional rotors)

    VornadoTM Miniature Vortex Mixer

    • Powerful vortexing for tubes up to 50 ml
    • Insta-TouchTM pressure sensitive activated operation
    • "Mini" sized, less than 4 in. wide

    R1000 CoolCubeTM

    A Cold block for setting up your PCR reaction, it can maintain temperature at approximately 0° C for up to four hours. the lock has two sides, holds 0.2, 1.5, 2.0 ml tubes and PCR strips/plate;

    Benchmark Scientific Equipment Highlights:


    Beadbug and other homogenizers Bechrocker

    Incu-shaker and Orbi-shakers with magnetic flask clamps


    Countertop microcentrifuges with mixed rotor


    BeadBug homogenizers




    autoclave and sterilizer heatblocks Incubator waterbath

    Tabletop Autoclaves, Sterilizers


    Digital and Analog Heatblocks


    Countertop Incubators




    Vortex and Mixers Rollers Microplate incubator and mixer Lab Supplies

    Vortex and Mixers




    Microplate Incubator/Mixer


    Lab Supplies



  • Bio-Quick Corp.

    Bio-Quick is a technology company dedicated to developing innovative technologies for pathology laboratories.  


    QC-Dots Control Slides

    These are quality control slides designed to provide on-slide staining controls for IHC staining and in situ hybridization applications.  QC-Dots slides are pre-spotted with cells that are carefully selected to serve as both positive and negative controls in an IHC or ISH application.  The patent-pending technology was developed over many years and validated for many IHC biomarkers.  QC-Dots slides can be used for establishing optimal testing conditions for new antibodies or used routinely replacing blank microscope slides.

    How It Works

    Control spots are carefully designed and developed for different IHC or ISH applications, QC-Dots slides can be used just like any blank microscopic slides except positive and negative controls are already there.

    Digital Pathology

    In a time when many IHC staining images are scanned/digitized and analysed using imaging analysis software, QC-Dots control slides enable automated image analysis and read-out.  By including positive and negative control features on the same slide where the sample is also stained, QC Dots slides make it possible for image analysis software to analyze control signals and sample signals at the same time.  

    QC Dots control slide enables digital pathology

    Different QC-Dots Control Slides:

    QC dot CA control slide

    QC-Dots CA

    This is a slide designed for cancer IHC application; The slide contains 9 carefully selected cancer and normal cells spots, those cell spots can be used as positive and negative controls for IHC staining of cancer cells and tissues.  

    QC dot ID control slide

    QC-Dots ID

    This is a slide designed for viral IHC/ISH applications; The slide contains spots of cells that infected by 8 different viruses and one spot of cells with no viral infection as the negative control.   

    QC-Dots HP

    is a slide designed for H. pylori staining; The slide contains two spots: one with cells infected by H. pylori, one with no infection.  The slide is designed for H. pylori IHC/ISH applications.

  • BioPointe Scientific

    BioPointe Scientific is a supplier in San Diego, California. The company is specialized in laboratory plastic products. 

    At BioPointe Scientific, we are committed to supplying our customers with products that meet the highest quality standards. We do this by constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing process from start to finish. Our stringent quality control procedures are second to none. Our processes ensure our customers will receive a product that will be consistent in reliability and quality. We stand behind our products, and will continuously look at ways to improve our business, to provide you, our customer, with the finest laboratory products in the industry.

  • BioSmith

    Founded in 1996 in San Diego California, BioSmoith Biotech offers research supplies as well as novel laboratory related products. 

    We are continually looking for additional novel products to add to our line. 

  • Celetrix Biotechnologies

    Celetrix Biotechnologies' new sealed-tube electroporation technology (patent pending) delivers superior performance over all currently available electroporation methodologies.  The new technology eliminates variation in transfer efficiency and toxicity seen with the older electroporation methods such as cuvette or capillary electroporation. The new Model CTX-1500A electroporation device is simple to use and consistantly delivers high efficiency nucleic acid transfer with low toxicity to many diverse target cell types: adherent culture, suspension cells, primary neurons...

  • Codex Biosolutions, Inc.

    CodexBiosolutions provides cell based assay products and services to academic and governmental research institutes, and other research labs within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company is headquartered in the I-270 Hi-Tech corridor in the state of Maryland. The core products of CodexBiosolution are ACTOne Cell lines and membrane potential kits which are licensed from BD Biosciences. They also develop other new cell based products to meet the demands from various customers.

    ACTOne Cell Based Assay Technology

    ACTOne Technology is the key platform used by Codex BioSolutions for development of Cell Based Assay for GPCR and PDE.

    It is based upon a modified cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNG) ion channel as a biosensor of cAMP activity in live cells. This channel responds in real-time to increases or decreases in intracellular cAMP levels by coordinately altering cation flux (e.g., calcium, potassium or sodium), which can be measured by calcium-sensitive fluorescent indicators, or by Codex’s optimized membrane-potential dye on broadly-available plate readers or on single-cell imagers. By juxtapositioning this biosensor adjacent to adenylyl cyclase, the enzyme responsible for synthesis of cAMP, in the membrane of cells that also express the GPCR target of interest, the biosensor provides ultrasensitive responses to cAMP fluctuations (Rich et. al., J. Gen. Physiol. 2000;116:147–161). The technology platform enables live-cell GPCR screening or deorphanization of agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators of Gs, Gi or Gq-coupled receptors in 1536-well formats. Because the technology directly measures cAMP through CNG channels, it detects GPCR activity through its nature pathway. No engineering or modifications to the G protein is required. The assay is highly sensitivity to intracellular cAMP change. It has excellent signal to noise ratio and high z’ value. It is also cost-effective and easy to use. Preliminary evidence has been developed that supports the ability to freeze these cell lines in ready-to-screen format, and for enabling receptor profiling for specificity assessment.

    The cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) are enzymes that catalyze hydrolysis of 3′, 5′-cyclic nucleotides, such as cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), to their corresponding 5′-nucleotide monophosphates. These enzymes play important roles in controlling cellular concentrations of cyclic nucleotides and have central roles in a variety of intracellular signaling events. As such, phosphodiesterases are emerging as a promising class of drug targets, particularly in asthma, cardiovascular and CNS diseases. Currently PDE inhibitors are identified in screens employing biochemical assays using pure substrates (cAMP or cGMP) and purified recombinant PDE enzymes. We have leveraged the CNG channels in the ACTOne Technology to detect intracellular cAMP/cGMP changes and developed the first commercially available live-cell PDE inhibitor assays.

    To measure cAMP specific PDE activity, a constitutively active Gs-coupled GPCR is over-expressed in the cells containing CNG channels to stimulate adenylyl cyclases, leading to cAMP synthesis. The produced cAMP is hydrolyzed by intracellular PDE so the steady cAMP is kept at low level. Upon the PDE activity inhibition, the cellular cAMP level rises quickly and is measured by the CNG biosensor. This assay has been used to identify inhibitors of PDE4 in a 1536 well format (Titus et al, J Biomol Screen 2008; 13: 609-618).

    To assay cGMP specific PDE activity, soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) was stably transfected into the cells containing CNG channels. Cellular cGMP can be increased by the sGC stimulator, BAY 41-2272. In the presence of cGMP specific PDE, the produced cGMP is hydrolyzed quickly by PDE so the steady level of cGMP is low. By adding a cGMP specific PDE inhibitor, the cGMP can accumulate quickly and activate CNG channels.


  • DBio

    DBio is a life science supplier based in College Park, Maryland, USA.  Founded in 2011, DBio brings high quality laboratory supplies, instruments and equipment from tools developers all over the world.  


    Highlights of DBio Products:

    Common laboratory buffers in ready-to-use packets, just add water to dissolve, you will get fresh buffer every time. Precast PAGE gels for protein analysis for either Life Technologies or BioRad gel boxes.
    nitrocellulose membranes Nitrocellulose membranes for Western Blotting in convenient pre-cut filter paper sandwich packs. Newly designed X-ray film cassettes and Ultra sensitive blue X-ray films for Western Blotting imaging.
    Universal spin columns for nucleic acid preparations: DNA, RNA and plasmid DNA mini preps, fragment clean up and recovery. Full size or under the counter laboratory freezers and refrigerators;



  • Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc

    Headquartered in Kumamoto, Japan, Dojindo's company history dates back to the establishment of the Dojindo Pharmacy in 1910's by Keiji Ueno. Ever since, Dojindo has been producing reagents to support the progress of scientific research.

    Dojindo produces over 500 well-known products used by research organizations in many disciplines. Many of these products were developed jointly between Dojindo staff and outside researchers. Dojindo Strives to expand its ability to analyze the future direction of science by maintaining continued interest in new research activities as well as improving its information-gathering network. Dojindo is ready for this shortened product cycle because our creative researchers are working continuously to meet tomorrow's research needs.

  • ELMI Ltd.

    ELMI Ltd. is a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer located in the Baltic States and Russia which has been in operation since 1989. Their focus is supplying the industry with state-of-the-art technologies of high quality and performance at reasonable prices. ELMI product lines are constantly updated to fit the very latest modern techniques that customers desire. The up-to-date business management methods used by ELMI allow them to operate with low costs and respond to market needs very fast. ELMI products are produced in the best manufacturing environments and meet strict quality control standards which keep customers satisfied throughout the years.

    Most Popular ELMI Lab Equipments:

    benchtop 15, 50 ml tube and microplate centrifuge

    SkylineTM, benchtop centrifuge for 15, 50 ml tubes and microplates

    • Compact, quiet, yet versatile for cell culture room and general lab usage;
    • Less than $1,200. also available as FDA registered version for medical laboratories;
    • Three year manufacturer warranty;



    • A series of versatile lab mixers that mix many different sizes tubes, flasks;
    • Rotating, rocking, shaking and mixing samples;
    • Come in 3 different sizes with many accessories;
    • Three year manufacturer warranty;


    Equipment Highlights:

    micro-centrifuge and centrifuge mixer

    Magnetic Stirrer Shakers and Rockers

    Microcentrifuges and Unique centrifuge/mixer


    Magnetic Multi-Stirrer


    Digital and Analog Rockers/Shakers


    Micoplate incubator/mixer Vortexer water bath

    Microplate Incubator/Mixer




    Water Bath


  • EZBiolab

    EZBiolab provides innovative products and high quality research services at affordable prices for life science research. Founded by scientists with decades of research experience in both academic and industry settings, EZBiolab sets high standards for scientific excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • Fine Biotech

    Fine Biotech is a Wuhan based biotech company specializing in a full line of quality research kits including ELISA Kits, related ELISA reagents, high quality antibodies, and recombinant proteins.

  • Four E's Scientific

    Guangzhou Four E's scientific Co., Ltd was established to serve the laboratory market worldwide with an objective to be recognized as one of China's leading manufacturers, exporters and marketers of top quality laboratory instruments and scientific equipments. We have been manufacturing a wide choice of quality laboratory analysis, testing and measuring instruments including Centrifuges, Shakers, Magnetic Stirrers, Rotators, Dry Bath Incubators, Spectrophotometers etc. Our dedicated engineering and R&D team work to continually develop new products in addition to implementing product improvements for our existing products. Our goal is to design and manufacture new and innovative research tools for the life science that will cover nearly all of your laboratory needs.

    By maintaining the ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 certifications, we continue to ensure total quality control of our products. All spects of design and manufacture are performed in the company's modern production facilities. At 4E's Scientific, we realize that our job is not complete until our customers are completely satisfied and we strive to earn 100% customer satisfaction by providing products with the highest quality at the most economical prices and with timely delivery schedules.

    We provide in an extremely wide range of laboratory instruments, but our capacities extend far beyond manufacturing laboratory equipment. OEM is available on request. We're experienced in OEM services and can provide custom products made to customer specifications.

    Four E's Scientific cares about the products we create and values the customers we serve. We want to exceed our customers exectations and work to provide a foundation for the sustainable success for all our customers.

    We're here for you and look forward to serving you.


  • GL Biochem Ltd

    GL Biochem is an internationally recognized biochemical manufacturing company that specializes in the production of peptide reagents, custom peptides and antibodies. GL Biochem is based in Shanghai, China where a 50,000 square foot headquarter and research facility is located. There are 5 manufacturing sites and 2 Research & Development centers that all together total over 350,000 square feet. We employ over 1000 science professionals with strong Biotech industry backgrounds. Our highly qualified staff which includes over 13 years of GL management experience and our modern facilities allow GL Biochem is to provide high quality, value-added peptide related products. We support today leading medical researchers all over the world.



    GYROZEN is a leading manufacturer in South Korea of centrifuges, sample concentrators and laboratory shakers.

    GYROZEN centrifuges are qualified separation tools that provide accurate and stable centrifugation technology.

    Discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your everyday research needs.

  • Implen

    Implen is a privately held corporation that is a leading supplier for spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra low volume samples. The company focuses on biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research. Implen has a strong focus on the customer taking pride in providing quality products and a high level of customer service to achieve total customer satisfaction.

    Implen NanoPhotometers

    Model NP80 N60 N50 C40
    Sample Options Nanovolume and cuvette Nanovolume Nanovolume Cuvette
    Full Spectrum Scan 200 - 900 nm 200 - 900 nm 200 - 650 nm 200 - 900 nm
    Detection Range, nanovolume dsDNA: 1 - 16,500 ng/ul BSA:    0.03 - 478 mg/ml dsDNA: 1 - 16,500 ng/ul BSA:    0.03 - 478 mg/ml dsDNA: 1 - 7,500 ng/ul BSA:    0.15 - 217 mg/ml N/A
    Detection Range, Cuvette  dsDNA: 0.1 - 130 ng/ul BSA:    0.003 - 3.7 mg/ml N/A N/A dsDNA: 0.1 - 130 ng/ul BSA:    0.003 - 3.7 mg/ml
    Path - length 0.67 and 0.07 mm 0.67 and 0.07 mm 0.67 and 0.07 mm 10 mm
    Pre-programmed nucleic acid & protein methods


    Yes Yes Yes
    Measure 260/230 & s60/280 ratios Yes Yes Yes Yes
    LCD Touch Screen (glove compatible) Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Customizable Methods Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Built-In Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder Yes     Yes
    Built-In Vortex Yes Yes    
    Built-In Battery Pack Optional Optional Optional Optional


  • Logos Biosystems

    Founded in 2008, Logos Biosytems is developing a series of lab automation systems and imaging instruments. The primary commercial targets of Logos Biosystems are cell biology and molecular biology. Their mission is to provide innovative research solutions to the scientists in these fields. Based on highly advanced robotics and imaging technology, Logos Biosystems will continue to release more and more advanced levels of innovative instruments for cell and molecular biology research.

    Logos Products At a Glance

    X-CLARITY Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing (ETC) System, LGBED0001

    Tissue clearing instrument for 3-D imaging and more

    iRiS Digital Cell Imaging System, LGBD50001

    Digital inverted fluorescence microscope with ultra-low noise CMOS sensor.

    Luna II cell counter with optional built-in printer.

    The newest addition to the poplular Luna cell counter family.


    Luna Bright Field Cell Counter:
    Bright field (typan blue) cell counting for primary and cultured cells.

    Luna-FL Fluorescence Cell Counter:
    Bright field and two color fluorescence cell counting; Advanced applications such as GFP expression, yeast viability counting.

    Luna-Stem Fluorescence Cell Counter:
    Dual fluorescence cell counter that accurately counts nucleated and non-nucleated cells such as stem cells and stromal vascular fraction (SVF).

    IRIS Digital Cell Imaging Systems:

    Publication quality three color Epi-fluorescence imaging at your figure tips:


    IRIS digital cell imaging system images, three color epi-fluorescence microscopy


    Key Features and Benefits of Luna Cell Counters:

    Advanced Hardware and Software Design:

    • Touch Screen controls --- no computer is needed
    • High Resolution CCD camera --- produces accurate cell counting results
    • Powerful data processing chip --- 7 seconds cell counting to results time - the Luna-BF cell counter is one of the fastest cell counters on the market!
    • Patented T-Bond cell counting slides --- nearly half the price of other brands, ensuring minimal long term usage costs
    • Intuitive and flexible user interface --- enables on-board analysis, easy printing and exporting of data

    Advanced Applications for the Luna FL Fluorescence Cell Counter:

    Luna cell counters are used to count many different primary cells and cultured cell lines. Join the rapidly expanding users around the world, and discover the many benefits of Luna Automated Cell Counting!

    Already using the Luna Cell Counter? Add your favorite cells to this list --- send us the picture and we will post it for you:










    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae








    SCN 2.2


    Mouse Thymocyte

    MIA PaCa-2





















    Your cell 

    MCF 10A



  • Molecular Transfer, Inc.

    Molecular Transfer, Inc (MTI) was established in the summer of 2003 by a small group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals, who were formerly at Invitrogen/ Life Technologies, with the vision of providing superior products in the area of transformation and transfection reagents.  MTI has been providing high quality and state of the art products to the research community through several OEM manufacturing relationships with large, well-known research product companies. In 2009, MTI expanded into the stem cell and neuronal cell areas through its acquisition of GlobalStem, Inc. 

           The founding scientific members of the MTI team have a history of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in the transfection and transformation arena. During their tenure with BRL / Gibco, Life Technologies/ Invitrogen, they led the development and pioneering commercialization of Lipofectin™,  Lipofectamine™ and Lipofectamine™2000 as well as other transfection products.   MTI has continued to develop pioneering products in the area of transfection through invention and licensing of enabling technologies. These inventions are combined to create  new cutting edge transfection reagents.

       The MTI scientist also helped led the development and pioneering commercialization of virtually all of the offerings in the famous DH5α™ and DH10B™ lines in collaboration with Doug Hanahan. The MTI scientist  helped established and patented the use of low temperature growth to make highly competent frozen cells while at BRL. MTI has continued these pioneering developments   and makes chemically competent cells (5 alpha and 10B) and electrocompetent cells (electro 10B) at the highest efficiency and quality transformation products . An innovative, ready-to-use and proprietary Electro 10B in cuvettes has also been commercialized (US Pat # 7,078,227, 8,105,818). 

      GlobalStem is providing neuronal cells and stem-cell products to the research market. These include optimized and qualified growth media, sera, feeder cells, supplements, growth factors, and assay kits, as well as transfection reagents

    MTI has an active research program that utilizes expertise in transfection, as well as in stem cell research, to develop novel reagents that are used to deliver nucleic acids into stem cells and neuronal cells. Furthermore, new reagents in the area of gene silencing, mRNA delivery, and genome editing are being developed. MTI is an S-corporation majority owned by its employees.

    Introducing DNA-InTM, a new generation of universal transfection reagent for primary and cultured cell lines

    DNA-In is a new transfection reagent that has been tested in many popular cell lines and primary cells.  It provides a superior transfection efficiency to Lipofectamine and Lipofectamine 2000.  The tranfection procedure is also simplified so that it is easier to use and optimize.

    Cells were transfected with a plasmid, containing EmeraldGFP behind an EF1α promoter, with either DNA-In™ or Lipofectamine®2000, at several different lipid:DNA ratios and examined ~44 hours post-transfection. Representative images of the best conditions for each transfection reagent are shown.

    Product Selection Guide

    DNA Delivery Reagents Product Name Applications
    General Purpose Transfection Reagent DNA-In™ Passaged cell lines (e.g. NIH 3T3, HeLa, MCF7), primary cells
    Cell Line and Cell Type Specific Transfection Reagents DNA-In™ A549 A549 Cells
    DNA-In™ CHO CHO-K1 Cells
    DNA-In™ 293 293 Cells
    DNA-In™ HepG2 HepG2 Cells
    DNA-In™ Neuro Primary and cultured neurons, neurostem cells
    DNA-In™ Stem Stem cells
    mRNA Delivery Reagents mRNA-In™  General purpose mRNA delivery
    mRNA-In™ Neuro Neurons, neurostem cells
    siRNA Delivery Reagents Coming soon, contact us about sample



    DH5α™, DH10B™,Lipofectamine™ and Lipofectin are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

  • NanoEntek

    NanoEnTek(KOSDAQ:039860) has key technology of nano scale Bio-MEMS that organizationally combined microelectromechanical system(MEMS) and biotechnology called technology of 21st century. Based on the technology, we are expanding business to life science experiment equipment, medical in-vitro diagnostic device, and related solution development. There are about 100 patents of nano convergence technology that were applied and registered. Especially, one of our company’s key platforms is lab-on-a-chip, and it is a next generation technology that will contribute in medicine and life science areas.

  • NanoSurface Biomedical, Inc.

    "In vivo, In vitro"


    NanoSurface Biomedical’s ANFS (Anisotropically NanoFabricated Substratum) technology brings an in vivo-like cell culture platform to researchers for in vitro cell/tissue studies. Featuring topographical resemblance to the extracellular matrix, nanopatterned substrates provide a topographical and mechanical niche for cells to grow as if they are in vivo.

    Nanopatterned surfaces influence both cellular morphology and phenotype. For example, when used with cardiomyocytes, formation of striated sarcomeres, intercalated discs, and polarized expression of gap junction proteins such as cinnexin43 all occur. Phenotypically, cells cultured on ANFS are more mature, and more physiologic, resulting in more predictive, reliable, and reproduceable experiments. 



    There are many examples of how nanotopographic structures throughout tissues and organs within multi-cellular organisms influence cellular behavior.

    With lithographic manufacturing technology, it now is possible to precisely fabricate biomimetic nanotopographic structures within a cell culture device that produce a more 'natural' cellular behavior within a cell population.

    Numerous in vitro studies utilizing fabricated nanotopograhic features demonstrate how biomimetic nanostructures impact cellular behaviors (e.g. cell morphology and cell differentiation) and physiology. The following figure shows how cells exhibit different morphologies depending on whether or not the culture surface is flat or grooved.


    ANFS (Anisotropically NanoFabricated Substratum) Technology


    Nanostructure with 800 nm wide, 600 nm ridges/grooves is created with nanofabrication.


    ANFS Cell/Tissue Culture Dish and Plates



    Cell and Tissue Culture with ANFS Surface


    Human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes (left panel) and Endothelial cells (EA.hy926 human ECs) (Right Panel) cultures grown on either a flat or ANFS surface.


    Easy to Use ANFS Cell Culture Protocol





    ANFS Technology Brochure

    ANFS Cell Culture Products Brochure

    ANFS dish and 6 Well Plate Product Sheet

    Published Cell Adhesion Data on ANFS Surface

    Nanosurface Cell Culture Protocol


    Publication References

      Cell Type Publication
    1 Cardiomyocytes Kim et al., PNAS. 2010, 107(2), 565-570
    2 Human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes Macadangdang et al, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. 2015, 8(3), 320-332
    3 Smooth muscle cells Nemeth et al. Tissue Engineering: Part A. 20(21 and 22), 2817-2829
    4 Endothelial cells (EA.hy926 human ECs) Jeon et al. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 2015, 4525-4531
    5 NIH 3T3 fibroblast cells Kim et al. Biomaterials, 2009, 30(29), 5433–5444
    6 Dental pulp stem cells Nemeth et al. Tissue Engineering: Part A. 20(21 and 22), 2817-2829
    7 Human mesenchymal stem cells J. Kim et al. Scientific Reports 3, Article number: 3552 (2013)
    8 Pre-adipocytes (3T3-L1) M.S. Kim et al Nanotechnology Journal, Volume 22, Issue Number 49



  • Nest Scientific USA Inc.

    NEST Scientific is a manufacturer of laboratory plastic products.  Nest has decades of plastic injection molding experience that allows us to control the highest quality standards expected for applications in hospitals, research communities and industrial/clinical laboratories. All Nest products are manufactured using high quality material under the stringent quality system control.  Nest's expansive manufacturing site in Wuxi, China is ISO9001:2008 and FDA registered.  Nest USA offers an expansive listing of Cell/Tissue Culture treated goods, qPCR/PCR consumables & general lab consumables available for distribution. 

    Nest Lab Supply Product Category

    Cell Culture Sample Storage & Liquid Handling PCR Consumables Bacterial Culture
    Cell culture flasks, petri dishes, accessories Centrifuge tubes, eppendorf tubes, serological pipettes, pipette tips, tube racks & boxes Strip tubes & caps, PCR plates Petri dishes, accessories
    ELISA Plates Cryogenic Storage Storage Plates Cuvettes
    Detachable & undetachable high binding ELISA plataes Cryogenic storage vials, tube racks & boxes Deepwell 96 well, 384 well plates Disposable standard and semi-micro cuvettes
  • OmicBiosystems
    Omic Biosystems is to create and provide state-of-the-art technological solutions for the studies of omics biosciences. Its discoveries, reagents, systems, and services will enable acceleration in scientific exploration and discoveries that make human life better
  • Quality Biological

    When it comes to solutions, experience makes a difference. We specialize in product solutions and business solutions; and we make them work for our customers.Quality is our number one priority, and for more than 30 years we’ve manufactured ready-to-use products for researchers and customized solutions for business. Regardless of whether a solution is used at the bench or in a commercial process, our experience makes us flexible and responsive. These are the qualities that make our solutions work for you! Founded in 1983, Quality Biological is a privately held company located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

  • Sage Creation Science

    Beijing Sage Creation Science Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of fluorescence/chemiluminescence imagers, gel imagers and laser scanners.


  • Samin Science Co. Ltd

    Samin Science is a leading manufacturer of lab furniture and equipment for lab gas supply, lab ventilation, lab safety and environment control.  The company is operated under a registered ISO 14001 and 9001 quality system.  Samin is a member of the International Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). Samin's Labsis lab furniture system incorporates innovative modern furniture design, highest quality material and craftsmanship.  Labsis products have been installed in many major academic and industrial sites all over the world.

  • Scientific Industries, Inc.

    Scientific Industries, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the Vortex-Genie® laboratory vortex mixer and shaker, as well as a complete line of other Genie™ lab products including microplate shakers and mixers, cell disruptor and homogenizers, magnetic stirrers for every need – low speed, high speed, single position, multi-position, and large volume, large capacity orbital shakers, rotators, rockers, cell culture incubators, shaking incubators, refrigerated incubators, and hydbrization ovens. All of our Genie™ products are proudly made in the USA.

    Since its foundation in 1954, Scientific Industries has focused on providing rugged, reliable products, which most notably includes the world-famous Vortex-Genie mixer. Over the years, this vortex mixer and shaker, has become an essential piece of equipment for any type of laboratory, and the vast array of accessories permits convenient mixing in any type of container.

    The Vortex-Genie Family is based upon, and originates from, the original Scientific Industries Vortex Jr. Mixer, manufactured prior to 1962. This product line has evolved and expanded over the years, but has maintained the reputation as a “workhorse” and a “must have” in almost any type of laboratory.

    Our reputation for high quality, reliability, and affordability is evident from our sales volume—to date, more than 1,000,000 units have been purchased! Moreover, Scientific Industries’ products are built to last, with many of those units still in use today! Our team of engineers is committed to innovating and expanding the Genie family product line, providing our customers with the finest in mixing equipment.

  • Signalway Antibody LLC

    SAB is a professional manufacturer of phospho-specific antibody products, and we are committed to providing high-quality antibody research tools for life science companies, hospitals, and institutions around the world. Currently, SAB's products cover cell signal transduction, cancer, stem cell, immunology, neuroscience, apoptosis, infectious diseases and other areas.

    SAB maintains the best standards in quality assurance and quality control that meets the highest international standards and integrity. We promise that the product quality of every batch can maintain specificity, stability, and continuity from our production workshop to the hands of users through continuous verification of production, testing, and logistics procedures.

  • Transformation Biosciences

    Founded in the summer of 2003 by a group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals, Transformation Biosciences is a Division of Molecular Transfer Inc (MTI).  The founding members have a history of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in transfection and transformation tools. They led the development and pioneering commercialization of virtually all of the offerings in the famous DH5α™, DH10B™, and Lipofectamine™ families of products during their tenure with Invitrogen, and formerly, Life Technologies/BRL.

    Outstanding performance...Unsurpassed quality...Affordably priced...Since 2003, MTI has been providing quality products to the research community through several OEM manufacturing relationships with large, well-known research product companies. In late 2007, the members of MTI decided to establish a new division known as Transformation Biosciences (TFB). The main focus of this effort is to bring high performing competent cell products directly to researchers. We, at TFB, believe this allows us to offer frozen, ready-to-use, competent bacterial cells of outstanding performance and unsurpassed quality at very affordable pricing.

    DH5α™, DH10B™, and Lipofectamine™ are trademarks of Invitrogen Corporation.

    Full selection of competent cell products for all transformation applications:

    • TFB Electro10B™ and TFB Electro 10BF’™: High efficiency electro-competent cells, with optional expression control (laclq);
    • TFB 10B™ and TFB 10B™ 96-Well: High efficiency chemically-competent cells, also in high throughput format;
    • TFB5α™, TFB5α™ Economy and TFB5α™ 96-Well: Chemically competent cells, For demanding applications such as cDNA library construction, cloning of PCR products, and gene banks use the high efficiency TFB 5 Alpha™ cells;  For routine subcloning applications, use TFB 5 Alpha™ Economy cells; TFB5α™ 96-Well is in a ready-to-use format for high throughput transformation.
    • TFB Blue™: High efficiency competent cells for cDNA library construction, gene banks and M13 bacteriophage work, ideal for cloning and expression of toxic genes.

    Competent cells selection guide:

    Specifications and Applications

    TFB Electro10B™

     TFB Electro 10BF’™


    TFB5α™ Economy

    TFB5α™ 96-Well

    TFB 10B™

    TFB Blue™

    TFB 10B™ 96-Well

    T1 phage resistant (fhuA)









    Reduced recombinant events, stabilizing plasmid (recA)









    Endonuclease deficient, Improved plasmid miniprep quality (endA)









    Blue/white screening for clone selection (lacZΔM15)









    Enhanced expression control (laclq)






    Cloning eukaryotic DNA (mcrA,B,C, mrr0)









    cDNA libraries









    Propagates M13(F+)









    Gene banks









    High-throughput cloning









    PCR cloning









    Subcloning (amount of DNA is not a limiting consideration)









    Transformation efficiency (cfu/μg)*











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