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At VitaScientific, we strive to bring the best products to every bioscience research laboratory.  We always seek out the best, cutting edge research products directly from the companies that developed them.   We are very excited to offer products from some of the most innovative companies today.

How to find the right products on

We created three categories where products are sorted by different criteria:

Product Catalog:  Products are sorted by the common types such as Antibodies, reagents, instruments, supplies…; A large product category may contain multi-level sub categories, for example, a tabletop micro centrifuge is listed under the Instruments & Equipment category, Centrifugation sub-category and Micro Centrifuge sub-sub category.
Applications: Products are grouped by their application in various research subject/areas. For example, antibodies against oncogenes and mutants can be found under the Research Application category, Cancer Research sub-category.
Techniques: Products are sorted by research techniques. For example, control slides for IHC application are categorized under Research Techniques category, Immunohistochemistry sub-category.

A product can be found from any one of these three product categories.  For example, a cell counter can be found under:

  • Product Catalog: Instruments & Equipment;
  • Research Applications: Cell Biology;
  • Research Technique: Cellular and Tissue Analysis: Cell Culture and Stem Cell Research;

At VitaScientific, our goal is to offer a user-friendly website which also features useful product information.  We are here to help our customers find the right products. Should you need any assistance or have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Product Category Highlights
Antibodies New East Bio is the leading developer of Antibodies against oncogene wild type and mutants.  You will find an extensive collection of oncogene mutant specific antibodies under the Antibodies and Immunodetection section.
Immunohistochemistry Tools

Based on a patent pending technology, QC Dots Slides have built-in positive/negative controls for IHC and ISH applications...QC Dots slides are the only product on the IHC market that have control features pre-spotted on the microscopic slides.

Transformation and Transfection

From the original developers of L2K, a new generation of transfection reagent that is less cytotoxic and more efficient;

Competent cells expertly prepared--- highest quality, but costs less.

Lab Supplies Replacement spin columns for nucleic acid mini prep or fragment clean up , common Buffer packets, Precast gels, Nitrocellulose Membranes

Luna Bright Field Cell Counter can count cells in 7 seconds --- It is one of quickest cell counters on the market.

Luna FL Fluorescence Cell Counter has two color fluorescence optics that can do advanced two-color viability assays.


A versatile cell culture room centrifuge that can spin microplate/50ml tubes - costs less than $1200;

Versatile Intelli-Mixer that can do immuno-precipitation, western blotting and other mixing applications;

Assays and Kits


Fluorescence dye kits for membrane potential, mitochondria membrane potential, Calcium and cAMP, ATP, 

Protease, ligase, and nuclease from Accelagen


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Bucket Insert for Swing Rotor RS4/100 for 15 ml Falcon tube (16x120 mm),  464.220 Products  ELME30248
Bucket Insert for Swing Rotor RS4/100 for 15 ml Falcon tube (16x120 mm), 462.220 Bucket Inserts for RS 4/100 Rotor:                                        ..
ChampUV™ UV Transilluminator, 254 nm, 302 nm and 365 nm UV light Sage Creation Science SCSD50003
Multi-Functional -- Various Wavelength Optional with UV Oberservation Window UV transilluminator, UV Transilluminating Gel Operation Tables Utilizes 254nm, 302nm and 365nm excited light source. Large protective cover eliminates neee to operate in the the dark. Product Specification..
Samin Movable Local Area Cleaner for Pollutants (MLCP) Fume Hood and Extractor Samin Science Co. Ltd SMSJ70001
Samin Movable Local Area Cleaner for Pollutants (MLCP) PROTECTS from Harmful Pollutants at Laboratories Features Movable Local Area Cleaner with Quick Extraction, Filtration and Decomposition. Pre-filter, Carbon Pellet Filter and Ion Clus..
Samin Waste Bottle Safety Case (WBSC), 310 x 535 x 680 mm (WxDxH), 27kg Enclosures Samin Science Co. Ltd SMSJ10004
Samin Waste Bottle Safety Case (WBSC) Safe and Convenient Case for Chemical Wastes Carbon Filter Carbon Filter installed at Air Outlet to Neutralize Toxic Gases Prevents from Explosion by High Pressure built-up inside the Bottle ..
Turbo3C™Protease (HRV 3C Protease), Bulk Size, >100 mg (H0101M) Cancer Research Accelagen Inc. ACGC80006
Human rhinovirus 3C protease (HRV3C Protease) is a cysteine protease that recognizes the cleavage site of Leu-Glu-Val-Leu-Phe-Gln-Gly-Pro, commonly referred to as the PreScission Site. It cleaves between Gln and Gly. The recombinant Turbo3C Protease is a restriction grade HRV3C protease that has rob..
TurboLigase™ bulk kit, >5000 Reactions (L0110B) Molecular Biology Accelagen Inc. ACGC80003
TurboLigationTM Kit enables quick ligation of both blunt-end or cohesive-end DNA fragments in just 5 minutes at room temperature. The kit combines TurboLigaseTM, an ultra-pure recombinant T4 DNA Ligase, and 5X TurboLigation Buffer, an optimized quick ligation buffer. A 5 minute TurboLigation reactio..
TurboNuclease Bulk, > 2.5 Million Units (N0103B) Cancer Research Accelagen Inc. ACGC80009
TurboNucleaseTM is an ultra-pure recombinant form of Serratia marcescens extracellular endonuclease (encoded by the same gene as Benzonase) produced in E. coli using a proprietary process. This non-specific endonuclease hydrolyzes both single- and double-stranded nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) to 5&rsq..
TurboTEV Protease, bulk, >100 mg (T0102B) Cancer Research Accelagen Inc. ACGC80012
Accelagen's TEV protease, TurboTEVTM, contains an enhanced form of a catalytic fragment of the N1a protein of Tobacco etch virus (TEV), a cysteine protease that recognizes the cleavage site of Glu-Asn-Leu-Tyr-Phe-Gln-Gly/Ser and cleaves between Gln and Gly/Ser. TurboTEV Protease is a restriction..
SureSeal™ S Microtube w/ cap 1.5ml, Sterile, assorted colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Purple), 50/bag, 10 bags/pack. 10 pack/Case (C2000-50AST) ..
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