Samin Movable Local Area Cleaner for Pollutants (MLCP) SMSJ70001

Samin Movable Local Area Cleaner for Pollutants (MLCP) Fume Hood and Extractor Samin Science Co. Ltd SMSJ70001
Supplier: Samin Science Co. Ltd
Product Code: SMSJ70001
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Samin Movable Local Area Cleaner for Pollutants (MLCP)

PROTECTS from Harmful Pollutants at Laboratories


  • Movable Local Area Cleaner with Quick Extraction, Filtration and Decomposition.
  • Pre-filter, Carbon Pellet Filter and Ion Cluster for Removal of VOCs, Fumes, Bad Smell & Dust
  • Flexible Location with Fumex’s TERPU Flexible Arm which can always extract close to the source of pollution.
  • Efficient Removal of Pollutants with High Performance Turbo Fan and Filter sets
  • Speed Control for Extraction and On/Off Switch for Ion Cluster
  • Very Low Noise by Vibration/Sound Absorption Pad


  • Body: Zinc-plated Steel(1.2T) with Epoxy power-coating.
  • Filter set: Pre-filter + Carbon Pellet + Ion Cluster
  • Removal: VOCs, Fume, Bad Smell, Toxic Gases
  • Suction Flow: 150„é•/h
  • Flexible Arm: Fumex T1300-75 75∅ Friction Joint PP
  • Noise: < 50dB/m
  • Consumption: 150W at 220V/60Hz
  • Hood: Square, Dome and Flat Screen



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