Samin Waste Bottle Safety Case (WBSC), 310 x 535 x 680 mm (WxDxH), 27kg SMSJ10004

Samin Waste Bottle Safety Case (WBSC), 310 x 535 x 680 mm (WxDxH), 27kg Enclosures Samin Science Co. Ltd SMSJ10004
Supplier: Samin Science Co. Ltd
Product Code: SMSJ10004
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Samin Waste Bottle Safety Case (WBSC)

Safe and Convenient Case for Chemical Wastes

Carbon Filter

  • Carbon Filter installed at Air Outlet to Neutralize Toxic Gases
  • Prevents from Explosion by High Pressure built-up inside the Bottle


  • Built-in Level Sensor alarming Replacement for Waste Bottle When LED is changed to RED from BLUE.


  • Transparent Window to Monitor the Bottle
  • Eye-confirm even when the Sensor is not Working Properly


  • Easy to Move and Locate
  • Front Lock-up Casters
  • Additional Caster for Bottle Holder



  • Dimension : 310x535x680 mm
  • Body : Iron-Plated Steel 1.2T with Epoxy Power Coating
  • Frame : Round Al Profile, 23 x 50 mm 2T
  • Built-in 20L PE Bottle
  • Power : 220V/60HZ, 0.8W
  • Weight : 27Kg



Dimensions 310x535x680 mm
Power Supply Adaptor 220V/60HZ, 0.8W
Weight 27Kg

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