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Transfection Reagents

Molecular Transfer has formulated a family of  DNA, mRNA and siRNA transfection reagents that balance high transfection and expression levels with low toxicity across a range of common passage cells lines and primary cells. Developed by the lead members of the scientific team that invented the Lipofectamine® and Lipofectamine® 2000, Molecular Transfer DNA-In transfection reagents are formulations of proprietary compounds and are chemically defined and of animal-free origin. They are routinely tested on a wide range of cell lines and designed to require minimal optimization to achieve superior gene-delivery and expression results.

Product Selection Guide

DNA Delivery Reagents Product Name Applications
General Purpose Transfection Reagent DNA-In™ Passaged cell lines (e.g. NIH 3T3, HeLa, MCF7), primary cells
Cell Line and Cell Type Specific Transfection Reagents DNA-In™ A549 A549 Cells
DNA-In™ CHO CHO-K1 Cells
DNA-In™ 293 293 Cells
DNA-In™ HepG2 HepG2 Cells
DNA-In™ Neuro Primary and cultured neurons, neurostem cells
DNA-In™ Stem Stem cells
DNA-In™ SY5Y SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
DNA-In™ CRISPR CRISPR/Cas9 and other large plasmids
mRNA Delivery Reagents mRNA-In™  General purpose mRNA delivery
mRNA-In™ Neuro Neurons, neurostem cells
mRNA-In™ Stem Stem cells

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