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Why VitaScientific --- The VitaScientific Difference:

Customer service. At VitaScientific, the customer’s need is our top priority.  We provide expert technical consultation and bioinformatics support.  We work with you to design your experiments or custom projects, and deliver a report with publication-ready data and figures to you, freeing up your time for the high level creative thinking which your scientific research demands.  We would like to make our laboratories as the extension of yours.   In addition to data oriented projects, we also offer preparation service of research materials.

A network of technical experts/laboratories offers a comprehensive list of services. Our labs are extensions of yours.  You can take advantage of the expertise and experience in our network of research service laboratories.   We offer some of the best performing services today --- for example, our RNA in situ hybridization, IHC services and comprehensive mass spectrometry proteomic services are performed by experts with many years of experience in labs with cutting edge equipment.  In this day of modern biology, very often the scientific endeavor requires multidisciplinary approaches and expertise/techniques/resources that sometimes cannot be found in a single laboratory.  Working with a network of service laboratories, together with our in-house technical and customer support staff, VitaScientific Service Network delivers to you a one-stop comprehensive service menu.  

How the Process works:

A simple 4-step process:
1.Tell us about your need by filling out a service request,
2.Define and finalize the project
3.Project Execution
4.Report and Material delivery

Service Menu

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Molecular biology laboratory servie Protein expression and purification service In situ hybridization and IHC service Mass spectrometry service

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