X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (RI=1.46) 25 ml, (C13101) LGBED0004

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X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (RI=1.46), (C13101), 25 ml ea.


X-CLARITY Mounting Solution is a water-soluble agent for refractive index homogenization of cleared tissues.  The refractive index of X-CLARITY Mounting Solution is 1.46 at 25 degree.  Use with X-CLARITY - cleared tissues to obtain further optical clarity with refractive index matching.

Storage and Handling

Store at 4 degree.  Do not freeze.  If slight turbidity appears during prolonged storage, incubate the solution at 60 degree and mix thoroughly.


  1. Incubate the tissue samples in an appropriate amount of X-CLARITY Mounting Solution for 1 hour at room temperature.
  2. Replace with fresh X-CLARITY Mounting Solution for an additional 1-2 hours.

For optimal fluorescence imaging, do not leave tissue samples in X-CLARITY Mounting Solution for more htan 48 hours.


  • The X-CLARITY Mounting Solution is for research purpose only and not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use
  • contains 0.01% sodium azide.


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